Where to Begin?

With butterflies in my stomach, I sit at this keyboard doing something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile.  And a blog was born!  I hope you’ll be patient with me. This is just a place where I can write what’s on my heart, and for those of you that choose to, a place where you can read those ramblings. I’ll share the personal, the mundane, the sometimes questionable, perhaps the funny, but it will always be from my heart. I can guarantee that the cracks in my humanity will show. I’ll often point them out even.  Because I truly believe that’s part of what I’m called to. This human experience is hard enough, but when we walk around thinking that the rest of the world has it together and pretending that we do too, we serve no one. We are human. We come into this world broken and flawed. And it’s in our journey here that we begin to figure out how to manage that brokenness, embracing it and allowing God to take our broken pieces and make something beautiful and new.  I am broken and beautiful and new.  And this is where I begin.


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