Human Interruptions

I’ve started endless posts already, and I get half-way through and another human interruption happens that causes me to have to move on.  That’s how this blog got its name. I had a friend that kept urging and encouraging me to begin sharing my musings in a blog. I told her many times that I truly had sat down to get started.  Part way through trying to figure out how to do it, or then finally, registering my blog, the world called.  A child needed help with homework.  A dog needed out to pee.  My train of thought left the station without me.  The interruptions of life occurred, and it got pushed off to another time, another day.  Months and months, and maybe even a year or two, went by and still nothing.  Until one day she said it again, and I just decided I wouldn’t get up from my chair, squeaky wheels and human interruptions be damned, until it was done.

Maybe that’s how it will be with my posts too.  I have a million thoughts twirling around in my head, so many words that I could put down.  I get started and then stop.  Sometimes because life calls, but sometimes for another reason too.  I’ve found myself wondering, will it be good enough? Will it be something people would enjoy reading?  Too serious or melancholy perhaps?  Too personal and uncomfortable?  Too ordinary or mundane to be of interest?  Then I remembered, I created this as a space for me.  A place where I could put my thoughts down, get out some of what is on the inside.  A way to make room inside of me for the good stuff of life.   And sure, other people are going to be reading it now, but just those that have chosen to.  I don’t need to do it for an audience- I never did before.  It was just me, processing life through a keyboard.  Sometimes it spoke to people’s hearts. Sometimes it made them giggle.  But always, it was the true telling of what was on my mind.  May it continue to be so.



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