With all that is going on in our lives, my 41st birthday was kind of a non-event. I was only in town for one day before my birthday, and then I went back out of town a couple days after. There wasn’t much time to celebrate.

I had a dear friend that wanted to take me out to lunch to celebrate. After a moment’s protest and insistence that I pay for my own lunch, I surrendered to her buying me lunch. In my forty plus years, I’m finally learning to more graciously accept a gift.

We tried planning this little outing several times. Between her work schedule and my commitments, both with the kids and my mother-in-law, we had a difficult time making it happen. Yesterday, twenty days after my birthday, the day had finally arrived!!

I mentioned to NO ONE that this was on my calendar. See, it seems as if the minute I make someone aware that I have plans for the day, something happens. Someone has an epic stomach ache or a nose that runs green or something. Every. Single. Time!

Without a word, without a symptom, I get my kids to school and my husband off to work. I get a joy-filled message from my friend counting down the hours to our time together. All is well.

And then…          two hours before my anxiously awaited luncheon, I get a text message from my child’s teacher indicating that she clearly isn’t feeling well and isn’t her normally peppy self.  Shall I bring her medicine? Does it look like it might pass?  Can she PLEASE hold off until after 1pm? (Yep, I won’t lie- I was looking forward to this time enough that I was trying to get her teacher to assess “how sick” is she?). Nope- she looks like she needs to come home and get in bed. Ahhh!!! 😩 It’s happened again; SABOTAGE!!!

I don’t understand what sixth sense they possess to make sure any plans I have for fun while they are at school are thwarted.   It’s like some kind of black magic voodoo or something.

I contacted my friend and said we’d need to reschedule- again!  She was very understanding.

As for the little sick child? I told her about my plans and how I was going to be celebrated. With a look that teetered somewhere between regret and knowing, she apologized. I laughed and told her not to be sorry because she was going to be making it up to me. And she did, as we lie snuggled in my bed, her sweet little body pressed close to me, enjoying a day of unplanned perfection!!



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