Full Disclosure

So this is the time every year when I feel like the carousel of life starts to spin out of  control. Field trips, recitals, awards day, field day, baseball games, softball games, etc. Now, we are “those” parents that don’t let our kids get over scheduled with too many sports or activities. Some people will say it’s because we are lazy or selfish, and maybe it is. But, we want life with our kids to be lived as a unit and preferably not in the car over a bag of fast food as we rush to our next event. Do those days still happen?  ABSOLUTELY!! But when our kids look back, our hope is they will have more memories of us around the dinner table than they will have of the back of our heads as we took them to their next “thing.”

Even being schedule Nazis, this is just a crazy time of year. So very full and active. And I’m hugely thankful that our kids are able to do so much- grateful they are smart and healthy and able. Glad we have the resources to let them do some of the things their hearts desire.

That said, you should know something. For the next several weeks, if you drive by our house and observe us from the outside, you might think our house is vacant or possibly the owners have died inside and no one has noticed for quite some time. The grass is likely to be taller than desirable. The bushes (and still VERY PRESENT blackberry vines) will be wild and  unkept. The flowerbeds will remain more leaves from the fall than clean, precise visions of spring.

And, the inside, well…  Let’s just say that I am grateful we don’t have to pass a Health Department review because I am pretty sure they might SHUT US DOWN!!  The dust bunnies have matured to full grown adults, but not before they reproduced several litters of offspring.  The plea of “dust me” that was written on the furniture is now but a buried, barely visible memory, its lines filled in with new dust.

Our dishwasher could be either in “load or unload” mode, but the chances are good there are dishes in the sink either way.  When we have so few minutes at home, the focus tends to be more on putting food in these not-so-little-people, making sure they finish their homework, asking them to shower off half the contents of ball field, and shooing them off to bed to make sure they get at least a little rest before we do it again tomorrow.

As for Thad and me- maybe if we were less lazy, more disciplined,  or super heros, we’d make time to do the chores that cry out. But at the end of the day, we both just want to fall into our bed and maybe think of snuggling a minute (because who are we kidding- one or the other of us will be asleep before the covers are even pulled up making even the thought of snuggling a pipe dream) rather than staying up to clean the house.

Just know, in the interest of full disclosure, if you happen to come by and find us at home, don’t be insulted if we don’t answer the door.  If you ring the bell and see us try to hide behind the couch or drop to the floor right before your very eyes, don’t take it personally. It’s possible that we are still in our (probably not fresh and clean) pajamas.  Or, if we are brave and do come to the door and don’t invite you in, know it is for your own protection. We are simply trying to protect you from our giant Easter Bunny sized dust “bunnies.”  While we have nearly made pets of them, they aren’t friendly toward others.

As the carousel spins and sometimes my head right along with it, I try to remember to take a deep breath and think “THIS!”  This is the stuff I’m going to want back;  these are the moments I’m going to long for.  So for now, I am holding on tight and doing my best to just enjoy the ride.



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