Just One Girl

I am just one girl. Small in a world so large. Just one quiet voice on a noisy planet that’s constantly clamoring, growing louder and louder.

I am just one girl. Strong and mighty in the world of my children who look to me to comfort hurts, to make it better, to explain the unexplainable. All-knowing and knowing nothing all at the same time

I am just one girl. Soft and encouraging to a girlfriend whose world is falling apart. A place of comfort where she can share her fears and let her tears fall and be raw and real. A safe place in a seemingly unsafe world.

I am just one girl. Hopeful and brave in the face of the whirling, twirling, often brutal world. Digging my heels in to keep my balance in the furious winds.

I am just one girl. Capable and determined to bring joy to those disheartened faces I meet on the street. If but for a moment, to cause a softening of their furrowed brows.

I am just one girl. Trying to be a light in an often dark world that is covered in shadows. Flame flickering, attempting to cast even a second’s worth of light inot someone’s darkness. A reminder that the dawn will come.

I am just one girl. The one chosen “for better or worse” by a boy too young to really understand all of his choices. A partner to grow and learn and walk this winding path with-all without any sort of map.

I am just one girl. Broken and busted and carefully recrafted by the Maker of All Things Beautiful. Like a walking monument, I am proof that He makes all things new and can use even the tainted and used.

I am just one girl. Filled full of thoughts and words. Pouring out my insides on a page because “better out than in” applies even beyond the movies.

I am just one girl. Grateful and appreciative and joyful and glad and …


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