The Age of “I Know”

I knew it was coming. It seems to happen, at some point, to most children. And even seeing it coming, I wasn’t quite prepared. “You might want to take a jacket in case you get cold.”  –“I know.”

“If you get started on that now, you won’t have to rush.”  –“I know.”

“The cat needs fed.”  –“I know.”

“I bought toilet paper at the grocery store.” –“I know.”

“You being a tweenager and having all the answers is driving me batty and might cause me to want to run away from home or to drink excessively!” –“I know!”

So what is a dumb Mom like me to do?  Do I stop talking, stop teaching, stop encouraging because she already knows it anyway? After all, what can I teach the omniscient?

Or do I sdig deep, set me heels in the ground, put on my armor and NOT take it personally?

I choose dig deep. Because, let’s face it. She DOESN’T know. She doesn’t even know that she doesn’t know. I’m 41, and I STILL don’t know. I’m learning, I’m getting better, but I still don’t know.

The way I see it, my best hope for both of us is for me to convince myself that the words “I know” are simply her way of saying “Thank you for loving me and for sharing your wisdom with me. You are wise beyond your years, and I am one lucky girl to have you as a mom!”

To which I respond:

— “I know!”  😏


2 thoughts on “The Age of “I Know”

  1. I’m loving your blog, and you are spot on with this one. A few times my middle one has said the words before I even have a chance to make a complete statement. It kills me, but I am learning not to take it personally – some days I do better than others.


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