Clearing My Plate

Lately I’ve felt this tug. A steady whisper that suggests it’s time to make a change. See, like most people, I’m a busy girl (okay, middle-aged lady).

My plate is full of glutinous portions- a wide array of worthy things. But I’m learning it’s time to begin clearing my plate so that God can put His helpings and His portions on it. I need to purposely unload the heaping “good” that I’m putting on myself. It’s about me making space for what He wants for me. Mindfully choosing to do it.

I’m feeling pretty certain that some of what He will be dishing up is going to be more down time. More time left available for His appointments for me. If my schedule is packed, I can’t show up to hug a friend on a bad day. If I’m rushing from one place to the next, I’ll think I’m too busy to help that older woman load her groceries in her car or hold the door open for the weary mom pushing the stroller. He’s leaving what I’m sure will look like empty spaces to others, but it’s actually room for random acts of love and kindness.

I’m learning to say no to people so I can say yes to Him. And to me. My body needs me to focus on it; I’ve neglected it for far too long. Just like a neglected or forgotten child, it’s acting out- crying for attention. Screaming at me so that I can’t continue to ignore it. So I’m clearing the way to say yes to my body.

I’m cutting back to allow myself time to process life- to savor it, to mourn it, to celebrate it, to stop rushing through it so quickly that at the end of the day I feel simply that I endured or survived it but couldn’t really say I experienced or enjoyed it.

It’s time for me to follow God’s lead rather than thinking I know best and being a trailblazer. I have taken on so many “important” things, but I never once asked if they were the things I was called to or purposed for. They were “my” things. But now I’m trying to lay my things down so my hands are free to pick up His things. And who knows, maybe He’ll keep my hands free for awhile simply so that I can fold them in prayer or lift them in praise. Whatever it is, I’ll look forward to it!