I’m Coming Out

imageOkay, so here it is. This is the one hundred percent total truth. I’m done hiding. I’m done pretending that my house looks like this because “I’ve been so busy” or because “I’m never home” or because “My kids are making memories.”  Sure, some of those things are true, but the real reason my house looks like this is because I suck at being a housewife. Saying it is “not a strength” doesn’t clearly describe it. It is more like an Achilles heel. A really bad, totally busted, going to need surgery, may-never-walk-again Achilles heel.

We all have gifts. I give a mean hug. I consider that a gift. I’m pretty good with a blank piece of paper and a pen. Now, trying to locate said paper and pen in this pile, or is it in THAT pile, oh wait, here it is on the bathroom counter, is a completely different story.

But I’m done making excuses, and today I’m coming out. I am a horrible housekeeper. Hopefully, if you love me, you can look past it. Maybe you can see past the piles and the clutter and decide you just don’t care that much.  If you can’t, feel free to believe my house looks like this because you caught me on an off day, because I’ve been busy, or because I’m just never home. But the truth is, I suck in areas of domesticity. And today, I’m owning it!!


One thought on “I’m Coming Out

  1. Oh friend — I’m right there with you! I am a horrible housekeeper and always have been. (Always will be!) I’ve accepted it as well…it’s not my thing and I have other important things to do. If people want to judge me for it and not come over, so be it. I try my best and do what I can. Other things are more important to me and I’m ok with that. Love ya!!


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