For My Friend

Tonight my heart breaks for a friend. Tonight I feel the full weight of the world as it comes crashing down, even as everyone else goes on about their business. In the busy hours while people gather around the table for dinner and return home from work, my friend mourns the loss of her beloved mother-in-law.

She is a woman I’ve never met. Loved by a lady I’ve known only a short amount of time. But the pain she feels tonight is familiar to me, and I ache with her. The bond of loss unites us.

Just as raw as if it were my grief, I experience it. And maybe that’s because it is. Like an unhealed wound that weeps, perhaps my heart cries its very own tears tonight. In one accord, our bones ache and our spirits groan.

Grateful that Nana is free from this broken human vessel that could no longer contain the vastness of her love, I celebrate. I celebrate that my friend knew her love. That her children knew they were adored. That this life spoke of Heaven. And tonight, she is God’s honored guest, seated at the side of Jesus.

The gravity of being left behind pulls down on me just as it bears down on my friend. The weight of it, while it feels it is hers alone, I bear with her. Because the feeling of this loss, it binds us. This bittersweet part of humanity is how we know one another.

Tonight, as I rest my head, I lift you up, dear one. As liquid sadness falls from my eyes, I baptize you in these tears. Know you are loved. You are held. And you are not alone.


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