Simple Like Me

I am a simple girl. Making me smile doesn’t take much. Catching a glimpse of my sweet “outside” kitty asleep on the pillows of my bed. Overhearing laughter, whether of strangers or people I know. Feeling the sun shine on my face, eyes closed, arms spread, palms turned up ready to receive every bit of warmth being offered.

The sound of the deep belly laugh of a baby- the kind that is so complete it nearly takes every breath and effort the child has.  The sound of someone in their own world, singing along to the piped in music, not even aware that they are providing a concert in aisle three between the mustard and mayonnaise.

Seeing someone give up their seat for a stranger.  Watching as a soldier walk through an airport and people walk up to say thank you.  Even the sight of someone leaving behind their quarter in the cart rental place at the grocery store.

So many simple reasons to smile.

And to a stranger, I’m sure it looks as though I’m up to something. This woman walking around with a silly grin on her face. One that indicates some sort of knowing.

But it’s true. I do know. I know that a grateful heart is a happy heart (thank you for your wisdom Larry the Cucumber).  In the midst of a bad day or a bad week or a bad life, if we look up trying to find little things for which to be grateful, something happens. A tiny shift. Our hearts lighten, if even an imperceptible amount. And reasons to smile show up. A found penny on the ground. A parking spot up close.

The turning up of the edges of our mouths might be slight at first. But the more places we look to find reasons to smile, and the more simple things we choose to smile about, eventually, we smile from our whole mouths, our whole faces, our whole hearts.

People will wonder what we’re up to. What is it we know?  And like all secrets too juicy not to share, we’ll smile at them, with our knowing. Like an arrow from Cupid’s bow, that smile will reach them. If we’re lucky, that will be the beginning of the tiny shift in them. Because the truth is, we could use a world full of simple.


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