My Truth

This is my truth. A word of caution, it’s not pretty. It’s not PG, it’s going to surprise some, and it might make some of you really uncomfortable.

My truth is that I am a woman that has had her gender used against her. I know what it’s like to have a man think that because of his position of power, he could be completely inappropriate with me. Sometimes it has been with words. Sometimes it has been with actions. Each time, it cut deep. And each time it left a mark that, as much as I wanted to pretend it didn’t, marked up the heart of who I was.

If, men in power, males that knew me, felt that somehow I didn’t amount to much more than the physical parts that made me, perhaps they were right? If it had been once, maybe I could have bounced back. But when time and time again the same message begins to be spoken, whether you want it to or not, it begins to seep in. And it did.

I spent much of my life acting out the belief that I was here for the use and entertainment of men. I wasted way too much of my time and far too much of myself on this erroneous idea. Sure, at 41, I can see how God worked these things to make me who I am. And I can be grateful.


years of pain, scars that run bone deep, so much wasted energy and potential, these are the things I want to save other young girls and women from experiencing. I want my daughter to know that no man, celebrity, wealthy, presidential or otherwise, can boil her down simply to her parts. No man has the right to grab her by her anything. She is hers alone.

I didn’t march, but THIS is why I could have.


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