You Won’t Stop Me

You there, the one with your negativity and hate mongering, the one trying to convince the world that fear will win. I just wanted to let you know that you won’t stop me. You won’t stop me from waking up today and feeling love, actively choosing to feel, give, and express love, to those that don’t look like me, think like me or talk like me. As hard as it may be, I will even choose to offer it to you.

Despite your best efforts, I will find more joy than fear in my day. I will see that we have far more in common than we have things that separate us. You, with your big loud voice and giant distractions, you won’t remove my focus from the small quiet whispers that make up most of this world. Your droning on won’t keep me from hearing the sweet song of praise. And better still, you won’t keep me from joining in the song.

Oh the beauty as our voices rise in appreciation.  The language of our souls all match, our hearts truly beat to the same rhythm.  You and your off beat amplified clapping do not change that.

I know that, just as you won’t stop me, my small positive actions in the world won’t keep you from continuing to broadcast your nastiness, and perhaps worse, may not even soften your rigid ideas. But I know something that makes me smile.

I sit here with this expression on my face because I have a knowing in my heart. I know that all it takes to see in a world full of darkness is just a small amount of light. Shining a tiny light upward in a canopy of darkness showers lots of light back down.  And light always reveals truth.

That light will draw other people- people that prefer the true beauty of light and truth over the loud density of darkness and lies. And they will gather. What once began as a tiny flicker will grow and spread and fan out and catch on, and soon you will be left with no one to hear your once loud cries of hate.

So, just know that while you dig deep into your trench of bitterness, I’ll be over here, building a bridge  over the chasm you are creating. Despite your best efforts, you won’t stop me.


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