Sometimes She Forgets

I think that all too often, women forget how very amazing they are.  My life is filled with women of great beauty and strength. Different in size and shape and color and station and gifts- a wonderous bouquet of humanity. Some are strong in a big “take charge” kind of way. Some have strength in a way that is quiet and steady. Others have strength in their fun-loving, joy bringing ways. Many are strong in ways they can’t even recognize in themselves.

The older I get the more convinced I become that part of why God fills our lives with other women is because we need to remind one another how amazing we are.  We need to help one another recognize the beauty within. The world is quick to show us our faults, to highlight impossible bodies, to glorify the artificial. But every woman I know, she has a gift or a talent or a characteristic that deserves praise. She is wonderfully made.

But sometimes she forgets.

On a day when her pants fit too tight, she leaves the house a bit late, her day gets away from her before all the boxes are checked, dinner comes from a drive-thru, and no one has clean pajamas, she forgets. She forgets that she is enough. She forgets she is amazing. She forgets she is valued. She forgets that she matters. She forgets that she is loved.

If I’m lucky, I can catch her on that day and send her a note, make a call, send a text. I can remind her that who she is is far more than the woman she sees in the mirror. She’s more than the wrinkles she sees, more than the number on the scale, more than the cleanliness of her house, more than whatever demon haunts her, more than the lies the devil tells. I can help her to remember that she’s an amazing friend, a great mother, a hard worker, a devoted wife, a loving person, a thoughtful woman. I can remind her that her presence in my life is God’s gift to me.- a great, beautiful, generous gift.

Because sometimes she forgets.


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